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Manufacturing Australia: statement on ACCC electricity blueprint


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Manufacturing Australia’s submission on the Draft Detailed Design of the National Energy Guarantee

Manufacturing Australia supports the efforts of the Commonwealth Government and the Energy Security Board to develop a lasting, practical, energy policy framework, not just via the NEG but also via the various energy policies that interact with it.

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Manufacturing Australia: comments on US trade developments

This is not a time for Australia to be naïve: a trade war could significantly harm domestic industry and jobs.

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Manufacturing Australia welcomes government’s new energy plan

Manufacturing Australia today welcomed the government’s new energy plan, saying it was right to focus on affordability and reliability alongside emissions reduction, and encouraging all parties to make a “clear eyed assessment” of the plan.

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Manufacturing Australia appoints James Fazzino as new Chairman

Manufacturing Australia (MA) has appointed James Fazzino as Chairman, replacing Mark Chellew, who is stepping down after leading the organisation since early 2015.

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Manufacturing Australia Policy Position: Energy Debate

Australia’s high energy costs and declining energy security are damaging the ability of local manufacturers to compete globally, impacting both potential and current manufacturing investments. 

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Manufacturing Australia Submission - Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism

Manufacturing Australia (MA) is supportive of regulation that aims to ensure security of gas supply to the Australian domestic market for the benefit of households and industry. Equally MA is supportive of regulation that aims to ensure that not only is supply secure but that prices for gas are reflective of the cost of production and not artificially inflated by shortfalls in supply, supply scarcity or lack of market competition.

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Manufacturing Australia meets with Prime Minister to discuss gas market intervention

Manufacturing Australia today met with The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, to discuss the Federal Government’s intervention in the gas market, which, if implemented quickly and carefully, could provide a breakthrough in the gas and energy crisis threatening Australian manufacturing.

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State Governments can reserve new gas to secure manufacturing

*Media Statement*

News Releases, 25 January 2017 Read

Queensland Government offers template for future gas development

The Queensland government’s gas pilot project provides a template for how gas could be developed in Eastern Australia in future, striking a better balance between the needs of export and domestic gas customers.