News Releases, 19 December 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: Statement on ACCC gas market report

More supply, more suppliers, and more domestic-only tenements will be needed needed to solve Australia’s East Coast gas crisis and underpin future investment in Australian manufacturing.

News Releases, 5 September 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: statement on ALP gas measures

Manufacturing Australia welcomes the announcement by the Federal ALP that it would, if elected, implement a range of measures intended to reduce gas prices for domestic customers.

News Releases, 6 August 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: statement on National Energy Guarantee

Manufacturing Australia strongly supports the draft final design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and urges Federal, State and Territory Governments to seize the sensible middle ground by endorsing the policy when they meet on Friday.

News Releases, 13 July 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: statement on ACCC electricity blueprint

The ACCC’s final Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry report offers practical recommendations to boost competition, encourage new entrants and de-risk long term power sector investments. It deserves clear-eyed consideration by State and Federal governments, energy producers and customers alike.

News Releases, 9 March 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: comments on US trade developments

This is not a time for Australia to be naïve: a trade war could significantly harm domestic industry and jobs.

News Releases, 17 October 2017 Read

Manufacturing Australia welcomes government’s new energy plan

Manufacturing Australia today welcomed the government’s new energy plan, saying it was right to focus on affordability and reliability alongside emissions reduction, and encouraging all parties to make a “clear eyed assessment” of the plan.