Manufacturing Australia (MA) is a CEO-led coalition of Australia's largest manufacturers. MA works with governments, business and community stakeholders to help the sector realise its potential. We propose and support practical policy measures to ensure Australian manufacturing remains internationally competitive.

MA does not support protectionism and believes that manufacturers should be wholly accountable for their own performance. Having overcome a myriad of external economic challenges in recent years, Australian manufacturers continue to operate at scale because they are efficient, well-managed and innovative businesses that have restructured and retooled to improve productivity and remain competitive.

MA’s priorities include:

  1. Encouraging better regulations that help keep Australian manufacturing safe, productive and high quality, without placing unnecessary burden on businesses and raising the cost of doing business in Australia;
  2. Increasing productivity through innovation, research and development, modern and flexible workplaces and direct engagement between employees and employers;
  3. Ensuring free trade is also fair trade by maintaining a strong anti-dumping system; and,
  4. Maintaining Australia’s competitive advantage of diverse and affordable energy resources.

You can read the Manufacturing Australia’s policy statement here: Policy and industry reforms for a sustainable manufacturing future.