Manufacturing Australia (MA) is a CEO-led coalition of Australia's largest manufacturers who working with all sides of government, business and community to help the sector realise its full potential.

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News Releases, 09 March 2018 Read

Manufacturing Australia: comments on US trade developments

This is not a time for Australia to be naïve: a trade war could significantly harm domestic industry and jobs.

Media, 11 December 2017 Read

Energy debate: Put customers at the centre, and set price targets

In my eight years as CEO of one of Australia’s largest manufacturing companies, and the country’s largest industrial gas user, I spent about 20 per cent of my time visiting customers. Most of my peers do the same.

News Releases, 17 October 2017 Read

Manufacturing Australia welcomes government’s new energy plan

Manufacturing Australia today welcomed the government’s new energy plan, saying it was right to focus on affordability and reliability alongside emissions reduction, and encouraging all parties to make a “clear eyed assessment” of the plan.