Manufacturing Australia (MA) is a CEO-led coalition of Australia's largest manufacturers who working with all sides of government, business and community to help the sector realise its full potential.

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Speeches & Opinion, 28 October 2019 Read

Expert Panel Examining Opportunities for Further Abatement

MA favours a national approach to emission reduction: one which is based as far as is practicable on market measures, to achieve the lowest cost pathway.

Speeches & Opinion, 30 August 2019 Read

Submission on Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism

Today manufacturers in Eastern Australia pay, on average, 150 per cent more for gas and 175 per cent more for electricity than they did a decade ago. As a consequence, plants have closed, manufacturing jobs have been lost and Australia has missed investment opportunities by both Australian and international manufacturers.

News Releases, 06 August 2019 Read

Manufacturing Australia: Statement on Federal Government gas policy review

By showing the courage to reform Australia’s gas market, the Morrison Government has an opportunity to power a resurgence in Australian manufacturing, get gas prices down for Australian households and make renewable energy more reliable.