Manufacturing Australia (MA) delivers leadership and vision that is pragmatic and solution oriented.
MA does not support protectionism and believes that manufacturers should be wholly accountable for their own performance. Having overcome a myriad of external economic challenges in recent years, Australian manufacturers continue to operate at scale because they are efficient, well-managed and innovative businesses that have reengineered their operations to improve productivity and remain competitive.

MA has identified four priority areas that require urgent action by government to ensure Australia’s manufacturing sector remains internationally competitive. These include:

  1. Reducing the burden of regulation and the cost of doing business in Australia;
  2. Increasing workplace productivity through extensive direct engagement and workplace flexibility;
  3. Ensuring fair trading conditions through a strong anti-dumping regime, coastal shipping reform and appropriate free trade agreements; and,
  4. Maintaining our competitive advantage of diverse and affordable energy resources.

Developing national assets, smart economic policies and encouraging strategic investments will give the nation’s manufacturers opportunities to grow their businesses and create thousands of new skilled, value-adding Australian jobs over the next decade.