7 February 2023

Manufacturing Australia Submission Options to ensure the domestic wholesale gas market delivers for Australians

Manufacturing Australia (MA) is led by the CEOs of some of Australia’s largest manufacturing companies: AdBri, Alumina, BlueScope, Brickworks, Capral, Cement Australia, CSR, DuluxGroup, Incitec Pivot, Orora, Rheem, Sims and Tomago Aluminium. MA’s members provide direct and indirect employment to more than 100,000 Australians and operate some 500 plants or smaller facilities around Australia, notably in outer suburban and regional Australia.

Gas is a fundamental input to Australian manufacturing:

  1. Gas is an essential and non-substitutable feedstock in plastics and chemical manufacturing.
  2. Gas is widely used to produce heat and steam to power manufacturing processes.
  3. Gas fired generation is essential to a proper functioning National Electricity Market, in particular as the market transitions to lower emissions technologies. Gas plays a crucial role, alongside other technologies, in “firming” renewable electricity as the share of coal-fired generation in the NEM decreases.

Security of domestic gas supply, at competitive prices, is therefore vital to continued investment in many Australian manufacturing industries, as well as an orderly and well managed transition to lower emissions technology.

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