21 June 2020

Submission regarding the Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper

Manufacturing Australia supports the Federal Government’s emphasis on accelerating and encouraging adoption of low emissions technologies as a core part of Australia’s emissions reduction strategy.

Australia has world leading capabilities in several energy and emissions-intensive manufacturing industries, including aluminium, steel, chemicals, cement, building materials, pulp & paper and glass manufacturing.

Preserving and strengthening those capabilities through the adoption of lower emissions technologies presents enormous opportunities for Australia, but must be approached in a way that maintains international competitiveness.

Manufacturing Australia urges a “bottom up” approach that seeks to retain and build upon Australia’s existing capabilities in energy and emissions intensive manufacturing, while encouraging adoption of new technologies and helping to overcome capital investment hurdles as technologies mature and approach cost competitiveness with existing technologies.

Retaining manufacturing capabilities, at globally competitive scale, will be essential if Australia is to seize the opportunities of newer technologies as they mature. Many of the capabilities required to leverage the technologies of tomorrow are the same capabilities we use to leverage the technologies of today.

Our emphasis should therefore be on ensuring a carefully managed and realistically timed transition that sees Australia adopt new technologies and processes without sacrificing global competitiveness and manufacturing capability.

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