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Four ways Australia can lift investment in manufacturing

As featured in The Australian Financial Review 15th April 2024

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High risk, high reward energy shift for manufacturers

*As featured in The Australian Financial Review 7th March 2022*

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Gas shake-up strikes right energy and climate balance

"Put customers first” was the message at the heart of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s energy announcements on Tuesday.

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We need manufacturing but the conditions must be right

As featured in The Australian 28th June 2020

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More gas is key fuel for shift to clean energy

As featured in the Australian Financial Review 10th February 2020.  

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Expert Panel Examining Opportunities for Further Abatement

MA favours a national approach to emission reduction: one which is based as far as is practicable on market measures, to achieve the lowest cost pathway.

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Submission on Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism

Today manufacturers in Eastern Australia pay, on average, 150 per cent more for gas and 175 per cent more for electricity than they did a decade ago. As a consequence, plants have closed, manufacturing jobs have been lost and Australia has missed investment opportunities by both Australian and international manufacturers.

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Comments on public interest test

MA supports the need for a robust and effective anti-dumping system in Australia, which provides fair outcomes for trade-exposed industries and conforms to World Trade Organisation guidelines.

Speeches & Opinion, 13 June 2019 Read

New Strategies to Regain or Retain an Energy Advantage

Manufacturing Australia CEO Ben Eade tells the Australian Energy Week conference in Melbourne: It’s unfortunate that there remains a misconception in Australia’s public debate about energy that big customers and big suppliers have to be at loggerheads about what should be done and are unable to work together; or that the energy strategies of C&I customers are static rather than dynamic and changing; or indeed, that the outlook for customers is wholly dependent on government policy.

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MA Submission on Proposed Biosecurity Imports Levy

MA supports the need for a robust and effective biosecurity system in Australia, for the benefit of all Australians. MA members are willing and active participants in DAWR’s biosecurity agenda, complying with industry best practices and all Australian regulations to monitor, minimise and prevent biosecurity risks in their supply chains. This steadfast commitment is not in question.