9 May 2018

Australia’s energy challenge: the customer perspective

Keynote speech delivered by James Fazzino (Chairman, Manufacturing Australia) to the Australian Energy Week Conference on The Importance of Putting the Customer at the Centre of the Energy Debate 

So much has been said and written in recent years about Australia’s energy challenges that it’s not easy to summarise the customer perspective – or at least, the industrial customer perspective.

But that’s my job today: to offer a view on how energy-intensive manufacturers are responding to what has been described as a train wreck; a mess; a lost decade; and, one of the greatest public policy failures in Australia’s history.

And I promise not all of those comments were made by me.

What I thought I would do today is first spend a bit of time talking about conditions in global and domestic manufacturing. In doing so, I’ll make the case for why energy matters so much to manufacturing in general, but to Australian manufacturing in particular.

You can read the full speech here