25 February 2016

Manufacturing Australia welcomes inquiry into dumped steel and aluminium

Manufacturing Australia (MA), an alliance of some of Australia’s largest manufacturers, today welcomed the Federal Government’s commissioning of a report on the impact of dumped steel and aluminium on Australian manufacturers.

Executive Director, Ben Eade, said the report, which is part of a second stage of reforms to strengthen the anti-dumping system, would shed light on the harmful impact of dumped aluminium and steel in the Australian market, and in particular the methods used to circumvent Australian dumping laws.

“The Minister for Industry, Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Assistant Minister Hon Karen Andrews MP and Anti-Dumping Commissioner, Mr Dale Seymour, are all to be congratulated for their continuing efforts to strengthen the anti-dumping system,” he said.

“Without strong anti-dumping enforcement, Australian manufacturers have little recourse against illegal dumping, a practice that has led some manufacturers to the brink of closure.”

“In recent years, we have seen substantial strengthening of the anti-dumping system, with stronger penalties for dumping, which sends a clear message that the government and the Anti-Dumping Commission will act on illegal dumping and circumvention and the penalties will be significant,” Mr Eade said.

“So far, this has been an area of bi-partisan support, with all our major political parties recognising the importance of a strong, effective anti-dumping system.”

“But there is still more we can do to tighten loopholes that companies use to get around – or circumvent – Australia’s anti-dumping laws. That’s why this report, and the second part of reforms to the anti-dumping system, are so important to domestic industry.”

“Manufacturing Australia looks forward to working with the government, and the anti-dumping commission, to implement important changes.”


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