6 August 2018

Manufacturing Australia: statement on National Energy Guarantee

Manufacturing Australia strongly supports the draft final design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and urges Federal, State and Territory Governments to seize the sensible middle ground by endorsing the policy when they meet on Friday.

The Energy Security Board has consulted widely and genuinely with diverse interested parties: community groups, environment advocates, energy generators and retailers, energy customers, households and others.

That the ESB has arrived at a sensible compromise that works for the vast majority of stakeholders invested in the energy industry is testament to the Board’s constructive, pragmatic approach.

Manufacturing Australia urges Federal, State and Territory Governments to overcome their differences and support the NEG when they meet on Friday.

Reaching agreement on this key part of energy policy is needed to underpin international competitiveness in Australian manufacturing, and secure the next generation of industrial investment and jobs in Australia.


Contact: Ben Eade, Executive Director, 03 9023 9117  

Manufacturing Australia is led by the Chief Executive Officers of Australia’s largest, locally headquartered manufacturing companies: Adelaide Brighton, Bluescope, Brickworks, Capral, Cement Australia, CSR, DuluxGroup, Incitec Pivot, Orora, Rheem and Tomago Aluminium.