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Dick Warburton retires as Executive Chairman Manufacturing Australia

Manufacturing Australia today announced that its inaugural Executive Chairman Dick Warburton has retired.

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Economic significance of Queensland's Large Gas Users

Queensland Large Industrial Gas Customers Economic Contribution Report

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Manufacturing Australia: Response to the Energy White Paper

A beginning and not an end - that’s what Manufacturing Australia wants from the Energy White Paper released today.

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Fair Work Act review falls short on real productivity reform

Fair Work Act review falls short on real productivity reform, says Dick Warburton, Executive Chairman of Manufacturing Australia.

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Future of manufacturing in Australia

Australian manufacturing is fighting multiple fires on multiple fronts, beset by challenges from high input costs and excessive or inconsistent regulation to the high Australian dollar.

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New Manufacturing Australia Chair

Manufacturing Australia has appointed one of Australia’s most prominent business leaders, Mr Richard (Dick) Warburton, as its inaugural Chairman. Mr Warburton will lead the new industry body as it addresses major public policy issues affecting Australia’s manufacturing industry, including local content, productivity, trade and anti-dumping, and innovation.

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Manufacturing Australia welcomes ACCC comments on gas market

ACCC Chairman, Rod Simms’, initial comments on the East Coast Gas Market Review are a welcome validation of the concerns raised by Australia’s largest manufacturers about supply insecurity, market dysfunction and lessening of competition in Australia’s gas market.